Peter Williams

Peter Williams


Founder and owner of Soul Point Holistics. Peter is a psychic-medium which means he can tap into your energy and help you to discover and issues or problems that you might be having and assist you in releasing these blocks. He can also bring messages through from those who have passed over and help you reunite with them.

Peter also takes aura photos where you can get a visual representation of where you are at that point in time. Peter has been conducting readings since a teenager and professionally now for about 10 years. He is a genuine guy that will deliver your messages in a very straight forward yet caring manner. For more information please visit his personal website.

Kazumi Uemura

Kazumi Uemura


Kazumi is a Japanese-born Australian Naturopath and an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

Her career as a natural therapist began 10 years ago. To expand her knowledge in the field of natural therapy, Kazumi undertook a Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy in Endeavour College of Natural Health. Treatments include herbal medicine, nutrition, massage therapy and dietary advice to assist an individual’s internal and external health and well-being.

She is also trained to use screening tools and arrange various pathology tests to assess functional imbalances. Each treatment and health strategy is tailor-made for personal needs. Many conditions are addressed including menopause, hormonal imbalance, thyroid hormone issues, pre- and post-pregnancy care and natural fertility. Other conditions such as skin problems, allergy, food intolerance, digestive conditions, fatigue, cardio vascular health support and weight management are treated by naturopathic therapies.

Savitri Weidnya

Savitri Weidnya


Savitri is a qualified Acupuncturist, registered with AHPRA, the national registration body for professional health practitioners and is trained in both Chinese Medicine and Western Biosciences.

Savitri employs all methods of Chinese Medicine practice to ensure the best possible results for her clients, including not only Acupuncture treatment, but also Remedial cupping therapy, Gua Sha, Tui na massage, Chinese dietary therapy, Electro-acupuncture, moxa heat therapy and Chinese Herbal patent Medicine. Savitri also practices Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture , Neuromuscular release bodywork and Pediatric Acupuncture and Massage.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine make up a comprehensive healthcare system with a long history of success in helping prevent illness, relieve symptoms and maintain good health. People may be hesitant to try Acupuncture, however it is a very safe, painless and effective way to improve overall health and address current health issues. There are many conditions that can benefit from acupuncture treatment, so it is always worth talking to an acupuncturist to find out how acupuncture can help you maintain and regain your health.

My whole experience with Peter was incredible. This was not only due to his extremely accurate insight but also his professionalism and ability to make me feel really comfortable. While I imagine every reading is different, Peter and I had some hearty laughs and I came away feeling very positive and uplifted. Not only that, I felt informed about and excited for the future. I could not recommend Peter more highly to anyone from any walk of life. He is professional, in touch and just really bloody good!

Karla, Gold Coast, Australia

I went to get a reading from Peter with the hope of some insight into my personal journey and walked away with so much more. Peter has a beautiful soul who made me feel comfortable from the moment I met him. I have had a few readings over the years but I have to say this would have been the most accurate and informative by far. I highly recommend this talented young man who’s ability goes beyond words. An extremely touching experience for me.

Rachael, Gold Coast, Australia

Thank you so much for my reading last Thursday. I was feeling really out of sorts and had been for quite a while. The insight you shared, gave me the confidence to take action towards the things that I felt were just fleeting thoughts. By Saturday I had booked an appointment and by Sunday I was in a meeting with an agreement to work with this local company. I am really excited to see how everything else pans out. I am feeling so much better and I would recommend that everyone see you for a reading.

Sharon, Ormeau, Australia